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Fidget Quilts is an ongoing community program reaching out for those men and woman afflicated with  Dementia or Alzheimers. Fidget quilts are about keeping hands and fingers busy; they are all about texture! Many of these quilts are adorned with zippers, snaps, closures, buttons, ties, bows, ribbons, pockets, pom poms, braids, and more...

A more recent endeavor for our Guild is creating Fidget Quilts which are very small tactile lap quilts. They are donated to Alzheimer patients and children with ADD. We produced 70 quilts in 2017, and so far approximately the same number, 70, as of October 1, 2018. Demand for our fidget quilts is growing. 

Guild members of all abilities are welcome to participate in making these quilts that need be no bigger than lap size or as small as a  placemat. 

"Caregiver Solutions" on-line interview with Ellen Heckler, Linda Eddy, and Sarah Crew